Mutter Ventures launches Fiara, the 2.0 Pawnbroking service

17 May 2021 | Fintech

  • The new startup specializes in pawning jewelry and watches up to 250,000 euros.
  • The entire process is 100% online, from the appraisal to the custody control, including the entire collection of the piece.
  • The company performs the valuation of the item confidentially and free of charge and takes care of the transport and custody of the valuable item until the owner decides to recover it.

Barcelona, March 30, 2020 – Mutter Ventures has launched Fiara, the first platform that digitizes the pawning of precious items. The operation of Fiara is simple and completely online: the user only has to upload the details of his jewelry or luxury watch and the start-up sends him an offer within 24 hours. If accepted, Fiara picks up the piece at the customer’s home, physically validates it, transfers the money and deposits the object in specialized security custody facilities.

Valuable items such as jewelry or high-end watches increase in value over time, so selling them definitively is often a bad financial decision. In addition, the sentimental value for their owners is often very high, as they are pieces that are usually passed down from generation to generation through inheritance.

“Fiara was born from the need that owners of luxury pieces often have to obtain liquidity without letting go of a belonging that has value, whether sentimental or financial as an investment,” says the firm’s business development manager, Albert Castilla.

At a time when part of the population is looking for ways to obtain financing to overcome the economic crisis caused by the covid-19, Fiara aims to become the Pawnbroker 2.0 service and stands as an alternative to obtain immediate liquidity without having to sell – or even mis-sell – a precious object.

100% digital process

“We bet on Fiara because we believe there is a lot of room for improvement in the digitalization of luxury pawning,” says Christian Rodriguez, co-founding partner and president of Mutter Ventures. “What until now had to be done by going to the office of a financial institution or pawnshop, can now be done from home,” says the entrepreneur.

“With this solution we offer an alternative with the absolute privacy and comfort that a digital platform allows to those people who need immediate liquidity but do not want to permanently lose a valuable belonging with sentimental value,” adds Christian Rodriguez.

Secure service

The procedure through which Fiara offers liquidity to its users is that of a flexible and recoverable sale, with installments that are adjusted to the needs of each client. The entire process is 100% digitalized, from appraisal to custody control, including all the operations involved in the collection of the item. Fiara allows us to solve specific liquidity problems, to keep the beloved object and, in addition, eliminate any problem related to the security of the jewel or watch, since during the whole time of the custody the piece is insured for its full value and completely safe in our vaults.

The great advantage of Fiara over its traditional competitors is the possibility of requesting the service from anywhere and with absolute confidentiality. All this in a process that is carried out at maximum speed -a maximum of 4 days- and that counts with an express collection service on the same day immediately after the acceptance of the quotation in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.

To guarantee its operations, Fiara relies on different strategic partners. These are MRW (collection and transport), Aravinc and Instapak (express services in Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid), HDI, Europ Assistance and ERGO (insurance for transport and storage) and Loomis (custody).

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