Groenlandia Tech develops the first smart cooler for the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector

7 Apr 2021 | Software and IOT

  • The cooler has been specially designed to transport vaccines and biological samples safely and features temperature control and GPS.
  • Palex Medical, a reference supplier for advanced solutions in the healthcare sector, is one of the official distributors of the product in Spain.

Barcelona, February 8, 2021 – Groenlandia Tech, a start-up specialized in cold logistics solutions, launches Nuuk, the first smart cooler for the management and traceability of any healthcare item and sample. The device has been specially designed to transport vaccines, biological samples, medical tests and organs, and has applications in different sectors such as pharmaceutical, medical and logistics. Groenlandia Tech has developed both the hardware of the cooler and the software that enables its different functionalities. 

Christian Rodríguez, co-founding partner and president of Mutter Ventures, explains that Groenlandia Tech’s technology “will allow solving the deficiencies in traceability and control that occurred until now during the cold logistics of elements such as biological samples or vaccines”. And he adds that “in this way, Groenlandia Tech’s technology offers an extra layer of security for those organizations and companies that wish to have strict control over the samples they transport”. 

To ensure security during transport, Nuuk has an opening control via app and NFC&RFiD identification cards and a unique system of constant traceability via GPS that allows the location of the cooler in real time. “The device can be tracked through a dashboard that reports the number of times and people who have opened the fridge, while displaying graphs of the monitored temperature throughout the journey and maps of the device’s trajectory,” says Mutter Venture’s president. 

This greatly increases safety in the transportation of highly sensitive items such as vaccines, biological samples or organs, which until now was carried out with very rudimentary coolers. In the case of samples, access control also allows healthcare centers and laboratories to be much more compliant with the RGPD and the LO 3/2018 (LOPDGDD), as it ensures that no one can access the contents of the cooler without authorization.

Nuuk also has a temperature control technology that ensures the good preservation of the transported items and notifies the operator of any breakage detected in temperature or impacts during the whole journey of the cooler. This functionality, together with the opening control and GPS localization, makes the intelligent device perfect for the cold transportation of sensitive samples such as anti-doping controls or judicial evidence.

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