Groenlandia Tech presents the first traceability and temperature control solution for healthcare logistics at 4YFN

25 Mar 2021 | Software and IOT

  • The technology is specially designed for the safe transport of biological samples, vaccines, drugs, and organs. 
  • The firm has commercial agreements with Palex Medical, official distributors of Groenlandia Tech in Spain, and Vodafone, provider of connectivity services. 

Barcelona, June 28, 2021 Groenlandia Tech, a Mutter Ventures start-up, has presented at 4YFN the first traceability and temperature and impact control solution for healthcare logistics. The technology developed by Groenlandia Tech enables the safe transport of biological samples, vaccines, drugs, and organs. “Thanks to our solution, the transfer of healthcare elements can be carried out with total traceability, security and, in the case of biological samples, protection of patients’ personal and private information at all times,” says Gabriel Bestard, CEO of Groenlandia Tech. 

This is possible thanks to the features of Nuuk, the smart cooler developed by Greenlandia Tech. The device uses GPS technology to track its route in real-time and its contents can only be accessed by using RFID identification cards. Thanks to this access control system, security is increased during the entire logistics process, and, at the same time, the healthcare centers, hospitals, and laboratories that collaborate with Groenlandia Tech manage to comply stricter with the RGPD and the LO 3/2018 (LOPDGDD). 

Moreover, claims during transport are drastically reduced because the coolers are fully censored and connected, which facilitates the detection of any impact or temperature change that could compromise their contents. Real-time access to this information makes it possible to reduce incidents through appropriate corrective measures.

Disruption in the industry

Up until now, the transfer of biological samples, vaccines, or organs has been carried out using conventional plastic, canvas, or fabric coolers equipped with cold accumulators. This represents a clear safety deficit in the case of such sensitive elements, to the point that currently 11% of failed health analyses are the result of damage caused during the transport of the sample. This problem is largely solved with the hardware – the physical coolers – and the software – the technology that enables traceability and access, impact, and temperature control – developed by Groenlandia Tech. 

A growing business

The business of coolers for transporting sanitary samples moves $4.6 billion a year and the figure is expected to grow to $8.1 billion by 2025, representing a growth rate of 12.1% per year, according to the Cooler Box Market Report 2021 study prepared by Markets and Markets.

Groenlandia Tech commercializes, both the physical cooler and the SaaS platform that enables the tracking of the device which activates all the security, temperature, and impact control functionalities. The company has Palex Medical as one of its official distributors in Spain and Vodafone as a provider of connectivity services.

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