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Research. Develop.
Launch. Repeat.

From identifying an opportunity, to establishing a new market-leader and every step in between, we reduce risk and develop the most valuable ventures.

Our footprint

We categorize our companies into FinTech, Healthcare and New Traditions divisions. But every venture has the same boundless potential.

We are a team.

A diverse crew with the shared belief that we succeed by helping others and learning from our mistakes.

We are professionals.

Experts who are as committed to our shared values as the projects we work on.

We are a business.

A community that believes that profit, purpose, and longevity are all simultaneously possible.

Barcelona, our home.

There’s a reason why Barcelona is one of the biggest tech hubs right now. The city connects entrepreneurs and investors around the world, consolidating the business of the future- and we could never miss the opportunity to be part of it.

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Mutter is a Venture Builder born in Barcelona structured as a Holding Company and focused on the creation of Startups in the FinTech, Healthcare and New Traditions.